Chairman’s Message

                Our vision  “Arise and Shine – Empowering through  knowledge” is to develop a school which provides integral education with facilities and opportunities to students to develop strong and healthy bodies, clear and broad minded perspective, resolute will power and ever-widening horizons of knowledge and  wisdom.

                 In present day’s fiercely competitive world,  it is not enough to be just good in one aspect, whether it is physical, vital, mental and spiritual aspects of their personalities..  A multi-dimensional development along with acquiring knowledge is the call of the day.

                The aim and motto of Doon Heritage School is to identify the strength and weaknesses of our student help them use their strength  and root out their weaknesses to develop and evolve themselves in all dimensions of their persona and proceed to succeed in all walks of life.

                Our mission is to prepare children who have courage and heroism to demand from themselves tireless labor and inner discipline directed towards self-control and self mastery.

                   With immense pleasure and pride I welcome all the parents and students to be a part of the Doon Heritage School family. I personally invite you to join us in this journey of an enriching educational experience for our students.



Doon Heritage School

 Capt. Rohit Soti

( Senior Master Mariner – American Eagle Tanker )