Vice Principal’s Message

“ Mind of a child is like a blank page and as  a mentor we need to embark it with the pen of hard work and the ink of knowledge and create a sketch which be everlasting in the child’s life.”

At the foothills of the exotic Shivaliks, we as a part of Doon Heritage School believe that  learning must lead to an awareness and recognition of one’s individual sensibilities, and to the development and  moulding of character, whereby one’s dignity and self worth is enhanced.

With each day at school our children get a significant rise in their confidence and knowledge. Here the student s learn the skills of leadership, cooperation, interpersonal skills, courtesy, faith, hard work and to believe on their potentials.

The child needs to rise up high in all fields and contribute to the society in the best possible ways.

“Education is the key which will unlock India’s great potential as an industrial nation.”

Our mission at Doon Heritage School is to make a difference in the lives of children and society at large, through its planning, policies, programs and their implementation of its motivated work force.

With acute planning and hard work our principal Mrs Minakshi Soti has set up a wonderful environment for all students, where their imagination is set free to soar greater heights.

We aspire our child would not only shine in our own nation but also the world outside.



Mr Om Prakash

( B.Sc. Forestry, MA Education, B.Ed.)